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Remove that Garbarge Disposal Now!

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015


To owners/managers of rental properties, gargbage disposals are like a hanging fingernail – they are painful to have around and the sooner they are gone the better..

What do I have against gargabe disposals?

1) they just hang below the sink waiting to break down

2) they can smell like a sewer, and

3) they are a hazard to tenants!

There is almost no upside to having garbage disposals. If tenants have leftover food,  they just throw it into the trash can.

Having just replaced garbage disposals in two of my rental houses, I can say that there is one good thing that I like about garbage disposals. They are easy to remove.

Removing the Disposal

1. Use the GD remover tool to release the garbage disposal. Remove tubing first. The GD will fall to the ground. Be ready to catch.

2. The one tricky part is that to remove the basket fron the sink opening (that was formerly connected to the GD), there is a retainer ring below  the sink that must be pried off with a screwdriver.


Once the garbage disposal is out, replace it with the appropriate pipes.These days,the tubing just connects togther. No need for glue.  It’s as easy as putting tinger toys together. Piece of cake.

If you need, help ask the experts at Ace Hardware. That’s what I did.


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Landlording Help

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Landlording is a tough job, not for the faint of heart. Yet, its worth the time it takes to be a good landlord for the long-term profit we gain.

A pretty good webpage to learn about landlording is They offer both free information as well as services that you can pay for, such as specialized documents, forms, newsletters and credit & background checks. I’ve read the newsletters and they are informative, with good tips on landlording. I bought a sampler pack of 12 back issues for $12. They also have a free page where rental owners ask landlording questions and get answers and tips from other landlords, and a searchable database of discussions on a plethora of topics.

Mr.Landlord advertises instant credit checks for $9.95, but when you get into the application process, it turns out that smaller rental property owners must also pay an annual fee of $59. Another way to get information on potential tenants is through the county courts webpage. In Tucson, you can search by a person’s name to find out any civil or criminal action has been taken against them.

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Easing Your Way Into Landlording

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

My philosophy has always been that the best way to get started renting out properties was to first buy your own home, and then start buying rental properties. Cathy and Larry Passmore got started in the business through a completely different path. They managed apartment complexes, lived rent free, got outside jobs, and bought fixer-upper rental properties on the side.

For the Passmore’s, managing apartments was the best approach because 1) it let them get experience managing before they actually managed their own properties, and 2) it enabled them to determine whether or not they liked the work before they made any financial commitments.

Follow the link to read the full story of the Passmore’s approach in a Mother Earth News story from 1977, September/October issue.

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