How to learn to operate a fixer upper house business

Learn the Ropes

My wife and I didn’t know much about repairing houses before we started our fixer-upper business, but like fine wine, we got better as time went on. One important rule in the fix-up profession is that you must constantly strive to become self-sufficient and learn all aspects of the profession. You must become an expert in your new business, even if you only do it part-time.

You can learn from others, but you have to rely on yourself to get ahead. Like the novice swimmer who is tossed in the pool, sometimes it’s sink or swim. You must learn by doing.

Trust Your Own Judgment

There are times when destiny forces you down a certain path in life. Other times, you make you own destiny by choosing to walk down a difficult path.

My plan when I bought my first fix-up house was that I could learn as I went along. I thought if others had learned to do it, so could I.

When I bought my fist fix-up house, it was like being stranded on a desert island. I was forced to learn new skills to survive, like Robinson Crusoe. The best way to learn new skills is by putting yourself in a situation where you are forced to change and adapt.

Before embarking on his life-transforming mission, the hero in the book Dune was advised, “Unless you change, something inside you sleeps.”

Foreclosure Update

The bank accepted someone else’s bid over mine for the foreclosed property that I bid on. My new target property is a 3 bed, 3 bath townhouse that is being offered for $69,900.

In this market, persistance is the name of the game. You just have to keep looking and keep bidding until you land a property at the price you desire.


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10 Responses to “How to learn to operate a fixer upper house business”

  1. Chuck says:


    The wife and I continue to learn as well. We still hire out most of the heavy lifting, but do enjoy some of the smaller tasks.

    Good luck on the townhome. 3 Bedroom, 3 bath sounds pretty big for a townhouse – look forward to seeing the numbers on it..


  2. admin says:


    One thing that my wife and I gave up long ago was putting down flooring tile. The old knees got a little to creaky for that.

    I’ll report more info on the townhouse soon.


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  7. […] How to learn to operate a fixer upper house business […]

  8. […] How to learn to operate a fixer upper house business […]

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