“Turn your home into a rental” on Mark Wayne Show

The Morning Blend interview

Yesterday I was interviewed by the legendary radio host, Mark Wayne, of WICH in Norwich, Connecticut about my new book “Turn Your Home Into a Rental House Instead of Selling It!”.

Check the Roof

Mark commented that the first two things he would check when buying a house would be

1.)  the roof, and;

2.) the foundation.

He doesn’t want to be stuck with these potentially big ticket expenses.

I said that those types of dangers to a real estate investor underscore the importance of having a thorough inspection of the house done prior to purchasing.

Have a Professional Inspection

Not only does a complete inspection by a professional inspector

1.)  protect you from surprise expenses, but

2.) the inspector’s written report is a good tool to help negotiation a lower price with the seller, if the inspector identifies other issues the house may have (for example, A/C, plumbing, wiring, etc.)

Television Interview Update

The Morning Blend is a nice, friendly show, with genial hosts Amanda Guralski (who is also an author) and Sally Shamrell.

I was interviewed last year on the Morning Blend show to promote my book “Carve Out Your Niche,” so I wasn’t too nervous about  Wednesday’s appearance to promote “Turn Your Home Into a Rental House.”

Where’s Angy?

Before we started filming, they asked why Angy wasn’t with me, since she co-authored the book.

I had to tell them the truth.

I said, “I tried to get her to come, but ultimately she couldn’t be on the show because of her back. It has a big yellow stripe right down the middle.”

Strangely, Angywas never nervous when  she and I have taught fixer-upper house seminars together, but she was a little anxious about appearing on television.

Like Riding a Horse

I told Angy it’s like learning to ride a horse. Isaid, “Sure, you may get bucked off a few times and maybe just break an arm or a leg, but before long, you’ll be riding that horse like the Lone Ranger!”

Maybe that wasn’t such a good analogy.

I thought the interview went okay, except that I caught myself mumbling a few times.

Blog Review of “Turn Your Home Into a Rental House.”

Thanks to Sharon at Louisville Gals Real Estate Blog  for her review of my new book.

Upcoming “Turn Your Home Into a Rental House ” Radio Interviews

Friday, July 19th, at 7:45 am (eastern time), I will be interviewed by Gary Sutton and Chris Tyler, at WSBA 910 AM  in York, PA.

Friday, July 19th, at 8:10 am, I’ll be on Dan Ramey’s showon WBEX 1490 AM, in Chillicothe, Ohio.

On Thursday, July 25th, at 7:10 a.m. (central time) I’ll be on Jeff Anderson’s show, KSDR 1480 AM, Watertown, South Dakota.

Watch this space for information on additional interviews.

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12 Responses to ““Turn your home into a rental” on Mark Wayne Show”

  1. Congrats Terry for landing that interview.

  2. Congrats on the show! To bad Angy was to anxious/chicken to go on the show with you. Another one coming up? Wow great job!

    • Terry says:

      I think there’s still hope that Angy will appear on a TV show with me sometime in the furture. She just needs time to warm up to new things (sometimes it takes years).

      There are no TV show interviews scheduled for the short term, but I will be doing alot of radio shows around the U.S., and maybe a few in Canada.

  3. Terry,

    Congrats on the interview. My wife would not only be on the show with me, but leading most of the interivew. She is an extrovert and I keep to myself.

    But I like to stay under the radar with my half dozen blog readers only. I don’t want any more people out there competing and landlording with me than there needs to be…

    I did enjoy the latest book and always enjoy your content…Keep writing….

    • Terry says:

      It sounds like our wives take different approaches, but with the same effective results. They must be doing something right. Look how good we turned out.

      My wife prefers operating behind the scenes. She likes to tell me how to do everything, then she just coaches from the sidelines.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the book.

  4. Untemplater says:

    Awesome job with your publicity! That’s so cool to be interviewed on TV and radio. Great way to spread the word about your book and answer questions.

    • Terry says:


      TV and radio are great resources for authors. Whenever I appear on a TV or radio show, I usually see a bumb in sales.

      An added plus is that sometimes when I am able to engage a host in conversation after the show, they will pass along suggestions on how to improve my interview, and tips on book promotion.

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