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STORYTELLER AND LINCOLN-OLOGIST Terry Sprouse Guides Audiences to Use Storytelling as a Powerful Tool to Touch Hearts, Minds and Funny Bones, Like Abraham Lincoln Did.

The goal of Terry is to equip audiences with the very methods that Abraham Lincoln used to tell stories, such as mimicry, self-effacing humor and adding a moral to the story.

Terry, author of “How Abraham Lincoln Used Stories to Touch Hearts, Minds, and Funny Bones,” also illustrates how he uses stories in his daily life to connect with employees, co-workers, children, doctors and complete strangers. Storytelling is particularly handy for educators, speakers, entrepreneurs and leaders as a skill that could be used in every aspect of life.

Terry subscribes to Abraham Lincoln’s philosophy, “”A story is the shortest distance between a stranger and a friend.”


“Timeless wisdom! Terry shows how we too can develop these skills and put them to use in our daily lives and businesses.” – Don Blankenship, Top 50 Amazon Reviewer

“Terry teaches us the importance of storytelling as a means to succeed in life and build relationships with your family, friends and employers.” Awdhesh Singh, “The Secret Red Book of Leadership”


Inspire and Engage Your Audience With Stories

How Abraham Lincoln Used Stories to Touch Hearts, Minds & Funny Bones

Leadership Through Storytelling



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