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6 Steps to Roof Maintenance (for the Home that will Turn Into a Rental House)

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

“Refusal to accept the death of a dream would seem a historical imperative in realizing it.” (Referring to Abraham Lincoln’s long held conviction that he would someday be president.)

–Chris DeRose, Congressman Lincoln

Holy Mackeral! It’s time to prepare the roof for summer.

We can ignore it no longer. It’s time to get up on that roof and get the cooler in working condition (for those of us in the southwest), and to re-coat the entire roof in preparation for the upcoming monsoon season.

the water cooler (a.k.a. “swamp” cooler)

We will eventually turn the home into a rental house, so we must keep the roof in top condition. Later, we need to fix one of our rental house’s roof too.

Water Cooler Issues

This year, the copper tubing broke on my cooler due to cold weather. I used to drain the tubing every year before winter. Then, a friend told me that was a waste of time because it never got cold enough to break the pipes.  Now I have one additional broken pipe, and one less friend.

Just kidding. Actually my friend is only serving time in the  penalty box  — for the next 2 years!

valve attached to new tube


copper tube

Fortunately, it’s an easy fix to change the tubing. Here are the steps:

1.) At Ace Hardware, I bought 8 feet of copper tube at $1.29 per foot,

2.) I cut off the old tube, and

3.) I attached the new tube using couplers, also from the aforementioned Ace Hardware Store.

copper tube cutter

Applying Rubberized Roof Coating

Last weekend we tackled this job at our house.

We used 4-5 gallon buckets of Tucson Rubberized Roof Coating. Each 5 gallons covers about 400 sq. ft.

The procedure was:

1.) One day before, wash off the roof with a high powered water spray,

2.) Stir up the paint with electric drill and large paddle stirring attachment,

3.) Place my two sons on roof with rollers and paint, and stand back as they lather it on like shaving cream.


“chips off the old block” lathering it on


making steady progress

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