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Review of "One Person – Mulitple Careers"

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

My review of the book One Person/Multiple Careers: A New Model for Work/Life, by Marci Alboher is now on-line over at I think it’s a great book for those of us who are part-time fixer upper house investors with several balls in the air at the same time. One aspect of the book that I particularly enjoyed is that it describes many case studies of people who have chosen this path and tells “why’ and “how” they did it. My review of the book is from the perspective of someone who keeps their day job and does real estate on the side.

I also recommend visiting Marci’s New York Times blog entitled Shifting Careers: Smart Thinking at Work. It regularly provides thoughtful stories of interesting people who approach work to the beat of a different drummer.

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