Save Money on Making Fixer-Upper Repairs

Every person who owns a fixer upper house business ought to learn to make repairs.

Take a look at my new ezinearticle entitled Save Beaucoup Money When Investing in Fixer-Upper Houses! 5 tips on Learning to Make Repairs.

Preview: Tip #1 is Stick to Experts Like Glue

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3 Responses to “Save Money on Making Fixer-Upper Repairs”

  1. ConnieBrz says:

    Hey Terry~

    Love the articles you’re writing over on ezine… good stuff~!

    How’s the hunt going– since the townhome fell through, have you located your next victim? er… investment treasure? 🙂


  2. Terry Sprouse says:


    The search has begun again. We have looked at a few foreclosure properties, but haven’t found one that meets our criteria.

    Our plan is to buy a fixer upper that we can move into and fix up while we live in it, like we did with the house we presently live in.

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