“Turn Your Home Into a Rental House!” finally sees the light of day


Although it took a little longer than we anticipated, “Turn Your House Into a Rental House Instead of Selling It!” has finally popped out of the incubator and is available as a paperback book.

In a nutshell, what is this book about?

With my charming wife and business partner, Angy, as co-author, we have created a guide on how to find properties, live in them, and then turn them into a rental house, instead of selling them.

According to the “American Association of Realtors,” the average American purchases seven houses during their lifetime. Angy and I believe that those seven houses should be converted into rental houses and held for the rest of our lives. They are valuable assets that will generate monthly income for the hard years to come, and provide further assurance of long-term economic family security. Like the old folktale says: “Don’t kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.”

How does this book help the average Joe?

We show the average Joe where to find the best properties, how to pay for your houses, property inspection, the nitty-gritty steps on how to prepare your new rental house for tenants, how to attract and screen tenants, managing tenants, and complying with EPA regulations. The appendix includes samples of leases, property inspection sheets, tenant selection rating sheets, and many other valuable forms to get you started in your rental house business.

What do millionaires do that most people don’t do? 

Go into politics?

Buy their own Starbucks?

Become a bearded recluse?

Well, those are some of the things they do, but according to Thomas Stanley, in The Millionaire Next Door, most American millionaires own their own houses, and they own at least one rental property.

Our perspective is, “If it works for millionaires, it ought to work for us too.”

Our hope is that this book will inspire you to buy a rental property and to receive the enormous benefits from that one bold action. Even if you buy just one rental property throughout the course of your entire life, your economic picture will almost immediately get better.

You may wonder, as we did, “Why didn’t we do this a long time ago?”

Where do we order this book?

Click here to order the book through Amazon.com.


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18 Responses to ““Turn Your Home Into a Rental House!” finally sees the light of day”

  1. Alonzo says:


    Recently purchased your book and I love it! I live in TX. and I’m looking to get into rental properties.

    I have a follow-up question to your book:

    You mention monthly leases but in my mine RENT vs. LEASE means something different.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but..

    * A LEASE means the renter pays a month-by-month rent with a specific window allowing an option to buy, whereas…..

    * Simple month-by-month RENT, there is not a legal document outlying an option to buy… the tenant only pays month by month

    Is that a correct assumption?

    Second question:

    Do you and Angy have an LLC where you shelter your rentals under? If so, how does play into any tax advantages (i.e. Angy might be in a lower tax bracket than you so she claims all deductions as the sole representative of the LLC).

    Thank you so much for your response in advance!


    • Terry says:

      Hi Alonzo,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad to hear that you liked the book.

      In answer to your question, I was using RENT and LEASE interchangeably in the text of the book. However, in my mind, if someone has a LEASE PURCHASE AGREEMENT that allows them to rent the property and gives them the option to purchase the property at some specified date. But, check with an attorney if want want complete accuracy.

      I’m not using an LLC for my properties. I might look into it more in the future.

      Best of luck with your venture into rental properties!

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