A Key Phrase to Get Seller Help with Closing Costs

I have a new fixer upper house article over at ezinearticles.com that shows you how to get the seller to help pay your closing costs when purchasing a house.

Townhouse Purchase Update
The mortgage company has given the green light and we are now waiting for the title company to get the paper work together. We will probably close tomorrow or Friday.

I’m anxious to get started fixing the property. My boys are out of school for the summer and they are chomping at the bit to make a little extra spending money by helping out with the repair work.

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5 Responses to “A Key Phrase to Get Seller Help with Closing Costs”

  1. rentals "R" us says:

    Hi Terry- I just wanted to stop in to check and see if you got to close today.
    Hope all is well!

  2. Terry Sprouse says:


    The deal fell through. The complete details are in my post on July 18th.

  3. Terry Sprouse says:

    For that last comment, I meant to say July 21st.

  4. […] I asked for sellers to pay 2% of the the value of the house to help with closing cost (about $2,000)(see my previous article about a key phrase to include in your purchase offer to reduce closing costs) […]

  5. […] When operating a fixer-upper rental house business we must constantly be on the look out for short cuts to reduce our costs. […]

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