Start by Meandering in the Direction of Fixer Upper Houses

If your circumstances are such that it is impossible for you to start investing in real estate today, you can start by just meandering in that direction, like a lazy mountain stream.

You can program your mind to pay attention to anything related to real estate. Cut articles out of the newspaper, buy books at book sales, ask friends and co-workers how they purchased their house, watch for free classes or seminars. You can be constantly learning and preparing for the day you will purchase your first fixer-upper property. As Paul and Sarah Edwards point out in Making it on Your Own, “virtually anything you need to know is available to you through books, tapes, workshops, seminars, public education programs, consultants and training programs.”

I meandered for approximately 11 years before purchasing my first investment property. Now I wish I had started sooner, but you can’t begin until you have the desire and the knowledge. Sometimes, desire and knowledge can be acquired simply by observing someone else operating a successful business.

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