Follow Abe Lincoln’s Storytelling Example

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.

– Abraham Lincoln

Vandalia Statehouse where Lilncoln served as a state representative

Abraham Lincoln may no longer walk this Earth, but his message continues to beckon us.

Through the example of his life, Abraham Lincoln shares a truth with us that, like the Rock of Gibraltar, is immovable and unalterable. He is entrusting us with his version of the Philosopher’s Stone, but instead of converting any metal to gold, it has the power to transform strangers into friends. Lincoln proved the value of stories in his liberal use of them to achieve his extravagantly lofty goals.

If we follow the path blazed by Lincoln, we too can navigate through life, our stories preceding us, obstacles dropping like chain-sawed trees before us.

In our persistently fast paced and burdensome lives, it’s easy to feel a little discombobulated. We can reorient our inner compass needle to true north by relying on stories to see us through. You may not share Lincoln’s burning desire to be President, but whatever your goals may be, stories are sure tools in achieving them.

 Prepare yourself to tell stories

 Yyou can begin now:

Rock of Gibralter

1.  Compile a “storytelling” notebook

2. Memorize and practice stories

3. Adapt and personalize your stories

4. Add a moral, or a humorous ending, to your stories

5. Use self-deprecating humor

Today is the day

Stories were Lincoln’s road to greatness and they can be ours too. To be successful, we don’t need magic beans or Ninja tricks, we just need stories. Any occasion that we can imagine is an appropriate time to share a story with someone.

Lincoln said,

“I will prepare and someday my chance will come.”

Today is your day. Your chance has arrived.

Upcoming Presentation – Join me in Vandalia

Saturday, April 18th I will be a guest speaker to the at The Association of Lincoln Presenters 2015 Convention, Vandalia, Illinois. The title of my speech is “How Abraham Lincoln Used Stories to Touch Hearts, Minds and Funny Bones.”

Location: The Old Vandalia Statehouse, 315 W. Gallatin Vandalia, Illinois 62471

Time: 9:30 am to 11:00 am

Historical note: The Vandalia State House, built in 1836, is the fourth capitol building of the U.S. state of Illinois. It is also the oldest capitol building in Illinois to survive, as the first, second, and third capitol buildings have all disappeared. The brickFederal style state house has been operated by the state of Illinois as a monument of Illinois pioneer years since 1933.

The Association of Lincoln Presenters

Upcoming Presentations/Activities:

April 18, 2015. Forum Speaker at The Association of Lincoln Presenters 2015 Convention, Vandalia, Illinois.

June 5th, 2015. Pascua Yaqui Youth Career Academy. Tucson, AZ.

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