NEWS FLASH — dealing with tenants a big issue for my class

Avoid this guy as a tenant

Not surprisingly, the big question that came up most frequently at my class last Saturday were, how do we manage tenants?

Students were concerned about whether they need to hire a lawyer, and they will they should deal with unruly tenants.

My condensed response was:

1. Screen carefully;

2. Use a month to month lease; and,

3. Have a copy of a landlord’s guide handy.

Surprisingly to me, no one in my class had ever heard of the Arizona Landlord’s Deskbook, a book which I find invaluable in dealing with tenants.

The Arizona Landlord’s Deskbook is like having a real estate lawyer at my side. But, I don’t have to sit in a lawyer’s office and imagine the “whoshing” sound of my money flying out of my bank account for each billable minute that passes.

Nothing against lawyers earning a living. They provide a valuable service. I broke a mirror last year and got seven years bad luck, but my lawyer was able to get it reduced to five.

This book not only contains information on how to avoid problems with your tenants by having a good contract and clearly communicating what you expect, it also contains letters and forms that you can copy and send to tenants when you need them.

Some of the forms that I have had occasion to use are:

Tenant application form
House inspection check list
Notice of late payment
Eviction notice
Notice of termination of lease
Notice of contract violation

The great thing is the letters often refer to state statutes that give the letters an air of authority.

The book also explains the legal process that an owner has to go through in order to evict a tenant. It’s particularly useful when you are in an emergency situation, and may not be sure how respond to some peculiar action by a tenant.

If information is power, then this book is a nuclear power plant.

Similar guidebooks are available in other state, such as:

The California Landlord’s Law Book and the Landlord’s Rights & Duties In Florida.

As a disclaimer, I haven’t read these other books, but they do look similar to the Arizona Landlord’s Deskbook .

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