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Why You Must Own Certain Real Estate Books

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

The fixer-upper house business is a great business to be in these days. But, if you are just starting out, and are as green as a gourd, as I was, you need some help.

To speed up the learning processes, you need to have a collection of reference books on home repair, buying and selling houses, rental properties, tax law and all other aspects of real estate.

If a home without books is like a body without a soul, then a fixer-upper business without reference books is like a cook without a cookbook.

You may not know everything at the start of your new business and you may need help in some areas, especially in the initial stages. However, each time you pay to have someone do work for you, or go through some new process, you should observe everything, ask questions and learn the process.

That way, the next time you will be able to do it yourself, or at least perform a larger part of the project. The key is to keep doing things over and over until you master how it works. You will eventually reach a point where you make decisions of where to make repairs and which houses to buy based on your instinct.

Books will help you to reach that point sooner.

Here are some books that I have found particularly useful to have on hand:

1. Fix em Up, Rent em Out, by yours truly. Yes, believe it or not, I read my own book! Anyone who says otherwise, is just itching for a fight.

2. Investing in Fixer Uppers, by Jay DeCima. His first, and still my favorite, of his books.

3. Investing in Real Estate, by Gary Eldred.

4. Arizona Landlord’s Deskbook (or the equivalent for your state.) by Carlton Casler.

5. Real Estate Debt Can Make You Rich, by Steve Dexter.

6. Wiring 1-2-3, by Home Depot

7. Plumbing 1-2-3, by Home Depot

8. Tiling 1-2-3, by Home Depot. Are you getting the impression that I like the Home Depot books? In addition to mastering the art of tile installation, I made my first grout repair after reading this book.

9. Fix it Yourself Manual, by Reader’s Digest.

10. Upside Up Real Estate Investing, by Bob Zachmeier (teacher of the first real estate class that I took).

Book Review of "Upside Up Real Estate Investing"

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Upside Up Real Estate Investing: Successful Strategies to Make Money in Any Market is a real estate investment book that not only covers the basics with exceptional style and insight, but also brings new wrinkles to the table. “Upside Up” is just such a book. Not surprisingly, the book is written with depth and insight by an investor who has a profound knowledge of his field.

Its a useful book to anyone in the fixer upper house business.

Follow this link to see my complete book review.

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Guest Article by Bob Zachmeier, author of "Upside Up Real Esate Investing"

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

Below is a guest article by Bob Zachmeier. He has written the outstanding new book “Upside Up Real Estate Investing” and I invited him to make a few comments about it. As background, I took Bob’s real estate investment course in 2002, shortly after I began investing in real estate. It was the best real estate course I have ever taken, and the great information from the course is included in his book. His book is for sale at I highly recommend it.

Thanks for considering my book, “Upside Up Real Estate Investing”. I’ve made many mistakes during my 25 years of real estate investing, but have finally found a sure-fire system for success in any market. By sharing my mistakes and triumphs in this book, I hope to put you on the fast track to your own financial success.

Real estate investing has changed my life. Not only did it enable me to quit my job after 22 years, my wife was able to quit hers too. I picked her up from work in a limousine on her 40th birthday and she’s never gone back!

I’ve taught a class on real estate investing for more than 8 years. Many of my students have also been able to leave Corporate America due to the repeatable system I’ve developed. You can too!

Book Description
View the triumphs and pitfalls of real estate investing through the eyes of a seasoned investor with nearly three decades of experience. Real life stories throughout this book will teach you valuable lessons and provide sage advice. The step by step process begins with initial planning and provides tips for finding, analyzing, inspecting, financing, and closing on investment properties. By sharing his experiences and practical investment advice as real estate broker, coach, college teacher, and author, Bob Zachmeier has helped thousands of people improve their financial well-being through real estate investing.

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