Critical Tax & Investment Tips for Real Estate Investors

My interview with the inimitable Tax Accountant Sean McCoy. Sean has 31 years experience doing taxes and shares his wisdom with us in this video. He is also a Business Appraiser and a Licensed Fiduciary.

Sean responds to the following questions. Some of his responses may surprise you.

1. What are some common mistakes that real estate investors make on their tax returns?

2. How will real estate investors be affected by new tax laws?

3. What types of investments do you see as the wisest to make right now?

4. What other tips or suggestions might you have for real estate investors?

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3 Responses to “Critical Tax & Investment Tips for Real Estate Investors”

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  2. Dennis Gross says:


    The video was sporadically interrupted and not easy to watch.

  3. It was a little hard to watch the video but informative

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