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For those attending my Self-publishing Workshop at the Festival of Books, here is a link to my handout where I discuss how I the techniques that I use to promote my book Fix em Up Rent em Out.

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2 Responses to “Festival of Books Link”

  1. Jake P. says:

    Terry, I enjoyed your presentation and the very practical advice you laid out. I particularly appreciate you posting the handout online–thank you! I'm self-publishing my book about how freelancers can create better client relationships, and your presentation has spurred me on to get it finished up and into the marketplace.

  2. Terry Sprouse says:


    Thank you for the encouraging comments. I'm glad you liked the workshop.

    Best of luck on your book. It's hard work up front, but I don't think you will ever regret having put the time in to complete it.

    If I can ever be of any assistance, don't hesitate to contact me.

    Send me a copy of your book when you finish, and I'll be glad to write a review on Amazon for you.

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