"Fix em Up, Rent em Out" Featured in Newspaper Article

I was recently interviewed by the Arizona Daily Star and responded to a variety of questions related to my house fixer-upper business, such as:

Why did you write the book?;
How did you get into the fixer-upper business?;
Can you give away one secret of success?;

as well as several other questions that inquiring minds want to know the answers to.

Here is the complete interview, entitled “UA researcher fixes up houses on the side, writes about it.”

See also:

For yet another newspaper interview that I did see: Fixer Upper Business Highlighted in Newspaper Article.

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2 Responses to “"Fix em Up, Rent em Out" Featured in Newspaper Article”

  1. Boomer says:

    Terry, I just read your book. Thank you for writing this. It’s excellent.I’ve written a review in my blog, Bankruptcy to Boom.

  2. […] To read another insightful (to me, at least)  newspaper article that I did, see “Fix em Up, Rent em Out” Featured in Newspaper Article. […]

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