Turn Your House into a Rental Property

An easy way to start out in real estate investing is the time when you are ready to upgrade and buy a new house, as most people do every six years. Instead of selling your present house and buy a new, keep your old house as rental. For more details see my video on the topic “Turn Your Home Into a Rental Property” and my Ezinearticle.com piece Don’t Sell Your Home, Turn it Into a Rental!.

Another good article I came across is Should I Buy a Home in 2008? by Darin Sewell. Dreadful information about the slumping American housing market is all over TV news and in almost every paper. During this housing slump many potential first time home buyers often wonder, should I buy a house in 2008? While every persons situation is different this article presents a useful perspective on whether or not to buy a house in 2008.

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