Weekly Fixer Upper Roundup of Real Estate Investing and Prosperity Blogs

Once again, I present my unbiased, unwarrented, unadulterated and unrelenting list of favorite blog articles from the past week, not necessarily related to the fixer upper house business, but still informative.

Managing Tenants Part Three: Written Criteria for Tenant Selection at biggerpockets.com
When Tenants Pay Late (Part 1 – The Initial Discussion) at twowiseacres.com
From Freakonomics at fsbojane.com/
Flowers and Shrubs and Dust Oh My at rentalsrus.blogspot.com/
Almost…To….The…Finish…Line at flipthyhouse.com/
Health Insurance, Medical Expenses, and Unscrupulous Doctors at moolanomy.com/
Compare Your Rent to Your Neighbors at wealthisgood.blogspot.com/
Frugality: Increasing Your Quality of Life for Less at mrsmicah.com
Suze Orman Gets it Right About Why Our Economy is Faultering at money crashers.com

The Zen of Repairing Properties

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