Sell Your House and Move into a Smaller One in Retirement?

Author Glenn Ruffenach, in his Wall Street Journal Article Don’t Count on Your House for Retirement warns us to “think twice about how big a role your home will play in subsidizing your future.” Studies show that 68% of 60-year-olds count their personal residence as a retirement asset, and to one-quarter of those, their home represents half or more of their retirement income. The author feels that because of lowering home values and higher interest rates, selling your home and buying another may not be so easy.

But how about us real estate investors? If we are buying and holding properties for the long term, our houses are assets that produce spendable rental income every month. Lowering property values and higher interest rates don’t affect us much. Higher interest rates means that fewer people can afford to buy houses and must rent (from us). As house prices go lower, we can get ready to purchase more houses at bargain basement prices. Economic conditions that may affect the majority of the population adversely are opportunities for the prepared investor.

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