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"Fix ’em Up, Rent ’em Out" now available at!

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

My book “Fix ’em Up, Rent ’em Out: How to Start Your Own House Fix-up and Rental Business in Your Spare Time” is now available at

Editorial Review:
This book teaches how to get started buying, repairing and renting out fixer-upper houses in your spare time. It covers various aspects such as house selection, what to repair, handling tenants, managing the books, and taxes. The book describes the two safest ways to make money in real estate, and one chapter is devoted the “Zen of Repairing Properties.” The author uses illustrations from his own experiences, humor and motivational examples to encourage the reader down a path that will be both financially rewarding and deeply satisfying.

Comments on “Fix ’em Up, Rent ’em Out”:

“Great information for anyone starting out in the fixer-upper business. Easy to understand, written by an author who has served his apprenticeship in the trenches.”
— Fixer Jay P. DeCima, Investor and Author

“Terry Sprouse has created a profitable rental business with his family in their spare time. He’s accumulated more net worth in six years than most people have after a lifetime of saving. What sets him apart is he took action.”
— Bob Zachmeier, Investor, Educator, Author

“Sprouse has created an approach to home restoration and wealth generation that works. This book provides simple guidelines for restoring homes, but also weaves in guidelines for restoring sanity to our crazy lives. Sprouse has the wit of Will Rogers and the business savvy of Donald Trump. His simple, direct, honest philosophy of sustainability and responsibility is profound.”
— M. D. Matlock, Ph.D., P.E., C.S.E., President, American Ecological Engineering Society, Award-winning designer of green neighborhoods for Habitat for Humanity, Professor of Ecological Engineering, University of Arkansas.

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