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Rental House Repair: An Easy Fix for a Sagging Fence

Sunday, September 9th, 2007

Since this blog is supposed about fixer upper and rental houses (when I don’t get off track), every once in a while I like to pass along fix-up short-cuts that I use.

This past spring I had a townhouse become vacant. There is a small yard in the back of the house with a 6-foot wooden picket-type fence. It was leaning quite a bit on two sides, primarily because some of the bigger 4×4 posts that are planted in the ground had broken off at ground level. I didn’t want to replace those broken posts, which would involve a lot of digging, and removing the fence sections that are connected to the 4x4s.

Instead I bought 4 or 5 six-foot stakes (there is probably a more common name for them that I don’t know) at Lowe’s for about $5.00 each. I pounded them in the ground with a stake pounder (again, probably not the official name) which cost about $20. Then, I straightened up the fence and attached it to the stakes with plumbers tape and screws.

Now the fence stands up straight after about an hour of work to do both sides of the fence. I acknowledge master handyman, Lee Anderson, for introducing me to this technique.

If anyone else has any other techniques, feel free to pass them along and I will post them on the blog.

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