7 Book Promotion Tips by Radio Host Bob Schmidt


Bob Schmidt, Radio Host “Extraordinaire”

I was interviewed last Tuesday about my book, Turn Your Home into a Rental House, by Bob Schmidt of WLFN 1490 AM, Onalaska, WI.

Bob is one of my favorite radio show hosts. He asks good questions, he laughs at my little jokes, and he keeps the whole interview light hearted and fun. Here is a link to that interview (my interview begins at the 16:50 minute mark.)

I was also on his show in 2009 to promote, Fix em Up, Rent em Out. That was one of my very first radio interviews. After the show I called Bob to ask him if he had any advice for me on how to promote my book.

In my “radio interview notebook” I still have the written notes of what he told me. Here they are, verbatim.

Bob Schmidt Book Promo Advice

1.) To book guest appearances call the radio show after hosts are off the air, and talk to the producer or the host. They  don’t respond to email. They want to hear your voice.

2.) Tell them you are the author of a book and succinctly describe “the hook,” or how his/her listeners will benefit from you being on the show.

3.) Make sure you get the host/producer name correct. They are very egotistical and will be insulted if you get it wrong.

4.) During the interview be entertaining and provide helpful information.

5.) Call local TV producers, say I am a local author, and I am fixing up houses. They can film the process.

6.) Contact newspaper home sections.

7.) Fix your website. Put a chapter from the book on it, or provide a prominent link to Amazon where they can get more information about your book.

Why I Like Radio

Radio has been an important component of my book promotion plan.

I use three different ways to reach people, like a three legged stool. One way is the internet, but believe it or not, not every is on the internet. A second way is by giving speeches to groups and organizations. The third way is by radio. It takes all three legs to hold up the stool.

Radio is great because radio shows have time they need to fill, and they guests are one way to do that. It’s fun to be interviewed and you can reach huge audiences from the comfort of your living room. In addition, when a host likes you they invite you back to their show.

Since I started doing radio shows in 2009, I have appeared on 50 shows (and 2 television shows). So far, I have sold 3,300 copies of my books.

To put things in perspective, my friend Joe Sabah has been on over 700 radio shows, and has sold 23,750 copies of his books.

As I like to say, Joe and I together have sold over 27,000 books.


Upcoming “Turn Your Home Into a Rental House ” Radio Interviews (most shows can be heard  on the internet)

Wednesday, August 14th, at 9:15 am (eastern), I’ll be on Dave Kelber’s show, WRNJ Radio, Hackettstown, NJ. http://wrnjradio.com (to listen live).

Watch this space for information on additional interviews.

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21 Responses to “7 Book Promotion Tips by Radio Host Bob Schmidt”

  1. Congratulations on your interviews Terry. Great job.


  2. Untemplater says:

    I am failing miserably at my goal to write my first ebook this year. I’m trying to find a better work life balance b/c I have been way too stressed out this whole year and that project was one of the things that had to give, at least for now.

    • Terry says:

      Don’t get discouraged. I first vowed to write a book when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras in 1988. It wasn’t until 2004 that I started writing my first book, and it didn’t get published until 2007.

      Just keep it in the back of your mind, and eventually it will bubble to the surface.

  3. Terry, that’s fascinating. I mean it makes sense there is a direct correlation between appearances and book sales, but I love the fact that it was as simple as giving a call. If you have a good hook (content) and a voice that makes them confident you can be entertaining, I’m sure it can work.

    Would you say this advice applies directly to getting local interviews for blogs?

    • Terry says:

      Being a guest on radio shows is a simple process, but it takes a good amount of determination too. You may have to make many calls to reach the host of a show. They don’t make it easy for you sometimes. And, when you get rejected, you just have to keep calling other radio stations until you get on.

      The key phrase is “don’t get discouraged.”

      I think this system for being on the radio would work for local interviews for blogs too.

      Although it doesn’t have to be only a local station. You can be on stations all across the country because the interviews are done by telephone. I live in Arizona, but most of my radio interviews are on radio stations located on the east coast.

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  6. Jiro Han says:

    I had an experience about not getting the host/producer name correct. They are very egotistical indeed. And from that, its already a bad start. You had to please them to make up for that!

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