Guest Article by Bob Zachmeier, author of "Upside Up Real Esate Investing"

Below is a guest article by Bob Zachmeier. He has written the outstanding new book “Upside Up Real Estate Investing” and I invited him to make a few comments about it. As background, I took Bob’s real estate investment course in 2002, shortly after I began investing in real estate. It was the best real estate course I have ever taken, and the great information from the course is included in his book. His book is for sale at I highly recommend it.

Thanks for considering my book, “Upside Up Real Estate Investing”. I’ve made many mistakes during my 25 years of real estate investing, but have finally found a sure-fire system for success in any market. By sharing my mistakes and triumphs in this book, I hope to put you on the fast track to your own financial success.

Real estate investing has changed my life. Not only did it enable me to quit my job after 22 years, my wife was able to quit hers too. I picked her up from work in a limousine on her 40th birthday and she’s never gone back!

I’ve taught a class on real estate investing for more than 8 years. Many of my students have also been able to leave Corporate America due to the repeatable system I’ve developed. You can too!

Book Description
View the triumphs and pitfalls of real estate investing through the eyes of a seasoned investor with nearly three decades of experience. Real life stories throughout this book will teach you valuable lessons and provide sage advice. The step by step process begins with initial planning and provides tips for finding, analyzing, inspecting, financing, and closing on investment properties. By sharing his experiences and practical investment advice as real estate broker, coach, college teacher, and author, Bob Zachmeier has helped thousands of people improve their financial well-being through real estate investing.

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