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How do we find of satisfaction in life? In our consumer society, we are molded to think buying the latest high density TV or other useless products, that instead of making us happier, only wind up wasting our time and costing us more. Usually these are products that we’d wiser, deeper, and more insightful people by not owning them. How many CDs, or DVDs, or McDonald’s hamburgers do we truly need to make us happy? Only $25 and a gym bag at christianpf.com is a particularly thought-provoking article along these lines.

But true contentment in life is found through introspection and reflection. By looking inside we can overcome our wants that lead to buying useless products, and lead us to what truly makes up happy. What makes you happy? As unique individuals, we much dig that out of our own inner self.

We don’t always have to blaze a new path, we can learn from others that have already blazed the path. The best blog posts, like all great writing, have a way of inspiring us, teaching us, and serving as a beacon to draw us a new direction. Below are some blog postings that might serve as beacons.

Managing Tenants Part Four: The Home Office (a thing of beauty and a joy forevermore) at Biggerpockets.com.

When Tenants Don’t Pay (Part 2—The Reality, The Reason, and the Response) at twowiseacres.com.

Spinning Plates at rentalsrus.blogspot.com.

Poor, Poor Neglected Real Estate Blog at flipthyhouse.com.

Renting vs. Buying – Myths that created the housing bubble and the foreclosure crisis at Iboughtaduplex.com.

Setting rental rates for Condo #1 at livelearninvest.com

Feb19Condo Conversions and the Dark Underbelly of the Subprime Mess at spencerbarron.com.

Outwardly Simple and Inwardly Rich at millionairemommynextdoor.blogspot.com.

Did My Realtors Lie to Me?? at wealthisgood.blogspot.com.

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