Roundup of of Favorite Real Estate and Investment Blogs

Once again, here is my unsolicited, unbiased, and unwarranted weekend blog roundup of favorite real estate and investment blog articles of the week.

The Importance of Being Organized at
IRS Form 1099-Misc. Deadline is Just Around the Corner at
Keeping it real: Confessions of a Personal Finance Blogger at
What to do with the Fed Economic Stiumlus Package Tax Rebate at
It’s Not a Good Thing! at
Inflation Causation at (Overcoming Real Estate Loses)
How to Sell Your Stuff on Ebay at
Look up the Facts About Your Neighborhood Rentals with Zilpy at
Does Financial Industry Subtract Value from the Economy? at
Rental Property Appraisal Surprises and Delays at (the world of wealth)

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