Monthly Update on Fix ’em Up, Rent ’em Out Book

A popular joke in Brazil, reflecting the fact that the country has a wealth of natural resources but never realizes it’s true potential, is that, “Brazil is the next great superpower, and always will be.”

To some of you, it seems like my book is “almost ready to be published, and always will be.”

In response to an avalanche (i.e., steadily increasing trickle) of inquiries regarding the publication date of my book, I have it on good authority from Lightning Source (the printer) that it will be available “about” November 5th through and Barnes&

In a pre-emptive answer to the next wave of emails, yes, that’s November 5th, 2007!

I admit that it’s my own fault for the delays. My decision to publish the book on my own resulted in a few missteps. I learned the ropes as I went along. Most recently, it took me a few tries to submit the text and the cover under Lightning Source’s strict guidelines. I am grateful that they have a cooperative staff who responded to my emails and calls with superhuman patience.

The first time going through the publishing process is like groping around in the dark. Many of the hurdles that you have to clear are almost impossible to anticipate. You just have to guess what the right path is, and then adjust your actions when you see you were wrong.

Long story short, November 5th!

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