Real Estate Investing in Your Spare Time as a Slash/Career

Those of us who are working our 8-5:00 during the day and doing fixer upper rental house investing in our spare time are part of what is being called the phenomena of slash/ careers. It appears that many great figures in the eighteen and nineteenth century engaged in more than one job at the same time. Read more about slash careers in The Art of Simultaneous Professions by Nina Smith.

I don’t know about you, but I feel a great comfort being a regular job/real estate investor. It allows me to follow my dream. ¬†There’s are few things I’d rather be doing. Not only does it provide me with an outlet for interests, skills, and dreams that would otherwise never be realized, but it provides more security¬†in retirement. If one career falls through we can focus on one of the others. And, we have learned many useful skills that open up a larger world of possible job options, if we wish to transition to a “primary” job in a different field.

More than anything, having slash/careers makes life a lot more fun.

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